Healey Books

Where possible I have listed sources for these books, but as many will not be on the shelf in your local bookshop, it is worth looking on Amazon, eBay or Used Book Search.

The latter is a very good site for finding out of print books; prices do vary hugely so you need to look carefully for a price you think is good value.

If you know of any other Healey books, let me know and I will add them to the site.


'A Very British crossing of the USA' - Clive Randall.

Clive is a current member of the Association and owns/has owned around 10 Healeys and now and then sets off on HUGE trips across continents in his Westland.

This book is the story of his 9000 mile trip around the USA - half the profit from the book goes to charity.

Synopsis -
Middle age calls for an adventure. Not an earth shattering adventure, but something a 40 year old father of two can handle. Drive around the United States in a 1948 open top tourer, for more than 9000 miles? It turned out to be a lot harder than it seemed...

Available from Amazon

'The Healey Book' Bill Emerson's history of Healeys, starting with the prototype Westland and going though Healey, Austin-, and Jensen-, ending with the Healey Fiesta

A comprehensive history, with lots of photos and including lists of Healey chassis numbers (these are also in the members area of this site)

Available direct from the author at Historic Healeys.

'Racing a Sportscar' - Charles Mortimer.

An excellent book that explains how to have a season's racing in a Silverstone for under 300 - well it was 1950!

Peter Richardson has/had a few copies and it can also be found through Used Book Search

'My World of Cars' - Donald Healey with Peter Garnier.

DMHs biography. As the book covers all of his life, including Royal Flying Corps, his time at Humber and Triumph, Austin-Healey and beyond, only a limited amount of the book is about the Warwick cars.


'More Healeys' - Geoffrey Healey.

This book is mainly about Sprites, with a chapter on the Warwick cars


'The Healey Story' - Geoffrey Healey.

A good history of Healey, Austin- and Jensen- cars, with some chapters on Warwick Healeys


'The Specials' - Geoffrey Healey.

I don't have any more details on this book, I read it 15 years ago, but can't remember how much of it is about the Warwick cars. If anyone would like to mail me some comments....

'Speed and Beauty'

A Healey / Austin-Healey DVD compiled by Bill Emerson that presents over two hours of the Speed, Beauty and sound of selected legendary Healeys.

Available direct from the author at Historic Healeys.